Cakenis is a growing fashion & beauty brand located in Selangor. Founded by power couple Hanis Zalikha and her husband Hairul Azreen, the brand started off in 2015 with plain shawls inspired by different cities all over the world and has since grown to offer a variety of scarf collections, fashionable wear, and cosmetics & skincare products.

Hanis created Cakenis with its broochless just-hook feature to make wearing shawls fuss-free and fashionable to all women. She wanted shawls to be fun and stylish, yet hassle free and with minimal effort put into looking fashionable and that was when Cakenis was born. Versatile, easy, and chic.

Cakenis is catered for all women of different styles and background, and fully commits to giving its best in terms of service and variety without compromising quality.
Be a Cakenisan and be follow our journey of crafting and creating beautiful pieces and lines through our Instagram @cakenis.

The Founder

Cakenis started as pet project for both Hanis Zalikha & Hairul Azreen (her husband, celebrity entrepreneur & director of their company). During the earlier days, all of Hanis’ scarves were custom-made using her favourite type of chiffon. Because Hairul was the one sending and picking up the shawl from the tailor, he thought they should make it in bulk and those fans that kept asking Hanis about her shawl could finally get them. The rest was history. 

Hanis Zalikha

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